Affiliate Program

Making some extra money while help us grown!

Help promote and spread the word about juwas here with friends, family, followers and get 25% commission on every sale! The most simple way, with no hard effort, you can just keep the link in your social media profiles/bios or post about it on your social medias through posts, stories!

There is no requirement, anyone can apply: Simply click here to sign up!

How it works?

Anyone who clicks your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase within 24 hours of clicking it, you will be rewarded 25% commission of the sale! For example, if someone clicks your link and makes a purchase worth $100, you will get $25 from us!

You can track your link clicks, orders and code uses there in real time.

We will pay you with PayPal, make sure you use the same email for your PayPal as you do for our affiliate program (if you don't have an account, sign up here).

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