Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml
Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml
Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml
Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml
Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml
Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml

Pure Volcano™ Air Aroma - 260ml

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Enjoy your Fresh Air ✨

The Pure Volcano™ Diffuser provides a fragrant air, calms the body and mind, relieves day-to-day stress, say goodbye to sleepless nights today. The most suitable for use of essential oils and practice of Aromatherapy, a product of the highest quality and visual effect, with a pure and refreshing air!

Zero Noise 💤

A companion accessory that can be useful during work, study or reading sessions thanks to its quieting capacity that does not exceed 30 dB. It is also perfect for improving the air in your child's room without disturbing them!


✅ Ideal for the use of essential oils as it has no filters, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy;

✅ Unique design with nano-mist technology, reaches up to 10m² keeping the humidity of the environment at the right level for the respiratory system;

✅ 2 In 1, use as a humidifier and diffuser of essential oils that provide relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, in addition to leaving that good smell in the environment;

✅ Safety system with automatic shutdown when the water runs out;

Make your Nights more Relaxing and Romantic! 💝

The combination of light effects, a cloud of freshness and your favorite essential oil, creates a perfect atmosphere with your partner!


Water tank capacity: 260ml
Input voltage: DC5v
Input current: 1000ma